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Translation and interpreting

Surely, you will find a few offers cheaper than ours on the market. We know that because we correct such translations every day. The price of our services is in fact the price we have paid for our knowledge, skills and equipment. And we haven’t cut back on that.

So, despite that, why are our prices so attractive? We cut costs whenever it does not entail any reduction in quality, so, for example:

  • we cooperate with a permanent and reliable team of translators, thanks to which we can offer you the full range of rebates and discounts (because of permanent cooperation or for bigger projects); we never use subcontractors!
  • as a small company, we don’t need oversized administration, the costs of which would be transferred upon customers
  • we use computer aided translation (CAT) software so that you are not unfairly charged for the translation of repetitive texts
  • during long-term cooperation, we calculate translations based on the source text, so you know how much you are going to pay in advance
  • we calculate the price for translations based on a standard page that consists of 1800 characters with spaces, which, compared to the offer of many other translation agencies, generates up to 15% savings based on the length of the text alone
  • thanks to our wide team of native speakers, we also translate directly from e.g. English or German; therefore, our offer for those language combinations is of much higher quality than at other agencies in Poland and of much lower price than at other agencies on Eastern markets (translations by native speakers as standard)!
  • our knowledge and consultancy are an added value, for which you don’t pay a single penny!

Order a free quotation for a translation service of your choice RIGHT NOW and find out how much you can gain from our cooperation. Remember, our experience works for you!

DTP and additional services

Each order for DTP, web design or other additional services is quoted individually. Our prices are so attractive, among others, thanks to:

  • our permanent and tested team, which has been gaining the experience required for your projects for many years
  • work with application of the most modern and advanced software
  • know-how allowing for optimization of each task that we fulfil for you.

E-mail or call us. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire referring to your expectations and we will advise the best solution!

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