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Below, we present you with selected members of our team who continuously supervise the quality and timeliness of orders. It is the cooperation between those people that contributes to the high quality of services we provide and makes ordering a translation from us a decision, which you will never regret!


Dariusz Mucha - translation and DTP

Dariusz Mucha

The owner and founder of BTD Services. A graduate from the prestigious UAM School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages in Poznań. At BTD Services, responsible for: organisation of interpretations, supervising big and complicated translations and DTP projects as well as marketing.

Katarzyna Biernacka - customer service and administration

Katarzyna Biernacka

She deals with customer service and current orders, administration and settlements. She’s an extremely patient and always helpful person, In private, she’s a literature lover.

Marta Wozińska - proofreading

Marta Wozińska

A graduate of English Language Studies. At BTD Services, responsible for proofreading. She’s an experienced English teacher, privately a connoisseur of good movies and music.

Translators and interpreters

Emilia Skowrońska - literature English and German translator

Emilia Skowrońska

A literature English and German translator. An author of a few dozen literature, music, marketing and dietetics translations.

Jolanta Jurkunas - Lithuanian interpreter and translator

Jolanta Jurkunas

A Lithuanian native speaker, interpreter and translator. A graduate of the Lithuanian Language Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Magdalena Rychła - certified Spanish translator

Magdalena Rychła

A graduate of Spanish Language Studies at Warsaw University; a certified Spanish translator. She specializes in legal, financial and technical translations.

Katarzyna Kruszka - certified Italian translator

Katarzyna Kruszka

A certified Italian translator and interpreter. A graduate of Italian Language Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She specialises in financial, banking and legal translations.

Marzena Pakuła-Piaścik - certified Norwegian translator

Marzena Pakuła-Piaścik

A sworn Norwegian translator and interpreter. She specialises in medical translations.

Joanna Bernat - Norwegian translator

Joanna Bernat

A Norwegian teacher and translator. A graduate of the Scandinavian Studies at the Gdańsk University. She is an author of e.g. literary translations (“The Price of Truth” by Ellinor Rafaelsen).

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